Kayla “Workin’ Mama”

Kayla bio picKayla grew up in rural Louisiana and moved to New Orleans in 2005 for college, and (as many people experience) the city just never let her go after that. She met her husband while they were both working on their Masters degrees, and they welcomed their son, Levi, in March 2016. Kayla loves traveling, exploring new foods and festivities in her adopted city, and is very involved in political issues. Kayla is also a self-proclaimed cat lady and Shonda Rhimes fan.

Kayla is the only mama of the group who has gone back to work full-time, so she has a great perspective on how to balance career and motherhood.

She has a straightforward and flexible approach to parenting: if at first you don’t succeed, check, adjust and try again! She and her husband are social workers and both have passionate opinions about raising their son. They work together in finding creative solutions to common parenting dilemmas and balancing the demands of their careers with family life.

Kayla describes her style for baby items as “simple and gender neutral, and not into cliché baby styles for the most part” and says “the cheapest thing with good reviews is where I’m at.”