Toddler Marketing 101

Wondering how to convince your toddler to eat his peas? Check out our handy Toddler Marketing course!

Class, welcome to Toddler Marketing 101. I’m so glad you’ve elected to take this course, and I can say with some confidence that you will find the information we will cover this semester invaluable within the next 10 to 15 years. In fact, I would go so far as to recommend you hold onto your notes. While other marketing positions require someone to actually hire you, Toddler Marketing only requires one night of unfettered passion to become a survival skill more valuable than making fire.

As I’m sure most of you learned in fifth-grade science, the name of the Tyrannosaurus Rex is derived from the Greek words meaning “tyrant” and “lizard” and the Latin word for “king.” While that was probably the same year you learned that Pluto was a planet, this information is actually still correct. Now, a lesser known piece of trivia is the origin of the word toddler. The name is from the Greek word meaning “tiny” and the Latin word meaning “tyrant,” and there has rarely been a more accurate name for anything that roams the earth. Personally, I’d rather meet a hungry T-Rex than a toddler on the warpath.  Continue reading “Toddler Marketing 101”

5 Things Toddlers & Cats Have in Common

Ever noticed the uncanny similarities between your toddler and your favorite feline?

I have two cats and one toddler (and a dog, but she’s the most easy-going creature in this house, including my husband and myself; as such, she is not the subject of this post). Recently, I’ve realized there are a startling number of similarities between the toddler and the cats.

I love my kid, and in general, I love my cats, but these similarities are not particularly endearing and not great selling points for anyone considering becoming a parent or adopting a cat. If you’re one of those people and don’t want to be discouraged, I suggest you stop reading here. If you’ve already got kids and/or cats, feel free to keep going; you’re probably just jaded enough to appreciate my observations.  Continue reading “5 Things Toddlers & Cats Have in Common”