The moments of motherhood

These are the small moments that make up motherhood.

Yesterday I felt impatient. It was one of those days that most (probably all) stay-at-home mom experience occasionally, when you’re frustrated because it feels like you can’t get anything done.

I had been working on a post, and my brain had finally come up with the perfect way to describe something: the paragraph that would finally take my writing from okay to brilliant. Every time I tried to type it out, however, my son would come crawling toward my computer at breakneck speed and an up-to-no-good glint in his big blue eyes. After a few attempts, I sighed and shut the laptop, realizing that my brilliance would have to wait till naptime. By then, my perfect words had vanished, sacrificed on the altar of fifteen repeat readings of Dr. Seuss.  Continue reading “The moments of motherhood”