This is the 1 gadget you need for introducing solids

Is baby ready to start gumming some real food? This tool will make introducing solids as smooth as pureed bananas!

“I’m sending you the link now. I’m warning you now: It’s not cute, it’s not eligible for Prime shipping, and I think it ships from Canada, but I’m telling you—this is the one.”

Ugh, no Prime shipping? From CANADA? What was my mother thinking? Not even a cute color?? Why in the world would I buy this baby food grinder?

One simple reason: it works.  Continue reading “This is the 1 gadget you need for introducing solids”

Why I Quit Baby-Led Weaning

Get the scoop on baby-led weaning – the good, the bad, and the very, very messy.

First off: I’m not a baby-feeding expert. I only have one baby, and he’s only 9 months old so we’re still trying things out.

My only qualifications thus far are:

1) I did read the book and tried Baby Led Weaning for at least a month. I have also fed purees so I can compare the methods.

2) My child is basically a goat who will eat anything I put in his mouth, so I probably haven’t messed up too badly so far with introducing solids.

3) I’m super lazy so you know anything I recommend is going to be easy and low-maintenance.  Continue reading “Why I Quit Baby-Led Weaning”