I’m not a baby person… but I am a mother

Can you be a good mom if you don’t actually like babies?

You know those people who are “baby people?” They’re the ones who babysit from the time they’re young, who love holding babies, who can’t help but pick up a crying little one, who have always been able to change diapers without gagging. Yeah, I’m not one of those people. Never have been. My sister is one, so I know what they look like, but I’ve never fallen in that category.

I’m a pet person. Bring in a puppy and I’m down on the floor getting licked in the face. Let a kitten fall asleep on my lap, and I’ll stay there until the mountains fall down so that it doesn’t wake up and we can blissfully cuddle forever. You bring a baby into the room, and I’ll happily admire it from where I sit on the couch.

And yes, I’m also a mother.  Continue reading “I’m not a baby person… but I am a mother”