Don’t make these 5 sleep mistakes with your baby

Baby won’t sleep? We may not have any good advice, but we can tell you what NOT to do!

Baby sleep is a lot like the stock market. Sometimes it’s up, sometimes it’s down, sometimes you can help nudge it in the right direction, and sometimes it’s completely out of your control. Sometimes it feels like you’ve hit the jackpot, and sometimes it will RUIN YOUR LIFE.

Sleep is notoriously tricky because so many variables are involved. Your baby may need less sleep than average or be a naturally short napper. She may have tummy issues or reflux which interrupt her sleep. He could simply be at a developmental stage when he is waking more frequently (like a growth spurt, sleep regression, or teething). Her temperament might make it harder for her to self-soothe, or he might be so easily distracted that it’s difficult for him to fall asleep. Basically, you and I could be doing exactly the same routines and achieve very different results, depending on each of our babies.

This is not a “how to get your baby to sleep, guaranteed!” type of article. This is a “holy crap, baby sleep is ridiculously difficult to figure out and here are some mistakes I’ve made so hopefully you can avoid some of these same issues but ultimately good luck because who the hell knows” type of article.  Continue reading “Don’t make these 5 sleep mistakes with your baby”

Dispatches from the Baby Zone

Just another day in baby land…

0600: Strange noises coming from baby’s room. Remain motionless and hope that husband gets out of bed first. Crack one eye to see that husband is actually in the shower (damn). Stumble, bleary-eyed, out of bed. Further investigation confirms suspicion that baby has indeed awoken. Instantly regret last night’s decision to watch “one more episode” of Game of Thrones and consequently staying up until midnight. Remember that I am not 20 years old anymore and vow to never repeat this mistake again. Attempt to not fall down the stairs while going to make a bottle.

0630: Baby falls back asleep after his bottle. Gently (oh so gently) lay him back down in crib and creep out of nursery like a ninja. Send fervent thanks up to all the gods while stumbling back to bed and grab a sock to drape over my eyes. Wonder for the hundredth morning in a row why the sun must be so infernally bright.  Continue reading “Dispatches from the Baby Zone”

Baby won’t sleep? Don’t blame yourself!

Baby won’t sleep? You’re not alone (and you’re not to blame!)

It was no secret that my little one was not a good sleeper. I couldn’t have kept it a secret if I’d wanted to; the bags under my eyes outed me the minute I staggered out the door. (Concealer is great, but it’s not a magic wand.) He is worlds better now, usually sleeping about twelve hours a night without interruption (see that light at the end of the tunnel, mamas of terrible sleepers? It’s there!).

But since he still has that reputation as a non-sleeper, I still hear from people about how they plan to sleep-train, and I just love the way they say it. “Well, I’ll leave the TV on.” “I’ll vacuum while the baby is asleep.” “I’ll make sure that he’s used to noise so that he becomes a good sleeper.” Well, God go with you, sister. Because I did those things (not the vacuum thing really, but that’s simply because I don’t like to vacuum), and sometimes babies are just babies and sometimes babies aren’t great at sleeping no matter what you do. I wish those new mamas well, because having a baby is really hard, and having a baby that doesn’t sleep through the dog barking at the mailman just makes it a thousand times a million times infinitely harder.

But I would also like to point out something—I didn’t make my baby a “bad sleeper.”  Continue reading “Baby won’t sleep? Don’t blame yourself!”