Caitlin “Steady Mama”

Steady Mama | Motherhood CollectiveCaitlin currently lives in Waco, Texas (although sadly reports no Chip and Joanna sightings during her time there) with her husband, one daughter (Lu, born Dec. 2012), a son (Buddy Boy, born April 2015), and Baby Girl coming in May 2017. Caitlin has moved shortly after the birth of each of her children: from England to New Orleans after Lu’s arrival, from New Orleans to Texas after BB, and will again be relocating after BG arrives, this time to North Carolina.

Even with all this change, Caitlin remains the calm, cool Zen master of the group. She has a quick wit (even quicker when it comes to finding the perfect GIF), a talent for telling hilarious stories of her kiddo’s capers, and a gift at saying just the right thing cheer up a fellow Mama after a hard day.

When it come to kids, Caitlin has been there, done that, and says, “yep, that’s babies for you!” to whatever they throw her way. She has faced down countless tummy bugs, travel woes, and sleep deprivation without losing her smile, patience, or compassion. She and her husband are involved with their church, and they love taking weekend trips to visit friends and family. When she isn’t busy chasing her kids, she loves to take style quizzes and secretly hoard hair products.

Caitlin doesn’t stress too much about baby products, but goes with what works or what was given to her by friends—can’t beat free! She describes her style as traditional with a twist: cozy and welcoming, a hodge podge of clean lines, warm accent colors, interesting art, and comfortable furniture, and says that mustard yellow is her spirit color.