Lela “Simple Mama”

Lela bio picLela is an Oklahoma native who moved to Chicago after college to pursue her Masters in Social Work. She and her husband have one daughter, Rue (born June 2015), and another girl on the way (due Aug. 2017). They have plans to eventually move out of the city and start a farm in the countryside somewhere, where they can grow their own food, raise animals, and Lela can still pursue her career in social work.

Lela is all about simplicity for her babies—simple, intentional, and sustainable. She values sustainability for her budget, the environment, and her own sanity. Sometimes this looks like organic products, sometimes it looks like hand-me-downs, and sometimes she lucks out and it’s both!

She isn’t interested in having a ton of baby gear around her tiny urban apartment, so she chooses products that are high quality, built to last, and multi-purpose. Her goal: mindfully balance budget, style, and space. Lela believes that “less is more,” and is equally thoughtful and intentional with her approach to motherhood.

Lela’s parenting inspirations include the wisdom of Janet Lansbury, who advocates respecting babies and toddlers through setting reasonable limits and validating all of their emotional experiences. She draws life inspiration from “mad farmer” and poet Wendell Berry, as well as Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women. Lela describes her decorating style as “Scandinavian farmhouse” and prefers natural wood, clean lines, a variety of texture, with a touch of bohemian color to mix things up.