Jessie “Research Mama”

Jessie bio picJessie grew up in Texas, moved to New Orleans in 2009, where she got her Masters in Counseling, met her husband, then had their son, Ben, in October 2016. Upon Ben’s arrival, Jessie and her husband realized that trivial things like good public schools and low murder rates actually mattered to them, so they sold their house and hightailed it to the safe green bosom of northern Virginia.

Coming from a mental health perspective, she strives to be present and engaged with Ben, without interfering too much with his own natural process of discovery and learning. Her biggest parenting struggle so far is managing her introverted need for alone time while meeting the attention requirements of a 6 month old!

Jessie loves researching products and philosophies and is admittedly slightly obsessive about reading reviews on everything (a tendency that her husband calls “going down the rabbit hole”).

While this takes a lot of time and energy, she tries to make sure that she knows what she wants and finds the right fit for her needs. Jessie tries to approach parenthood with an attitude of curiosity and exploration, and she strives to find a flexible, moderate path which works best for her family and her personality.

She describes her style as comfortable, classic, and Pottery Barn-esque, and loves natural, neutral colors. She is conscientious about spending and hates most baby crap, but she is willing to invest in quality pieces that will last or items that will make life easier (because she’s a little lazy too!).