Jordan “Practical Mama”

Jordan bio picJordan grew up in the quiet pine woods of east Texas, and after a few years away while attending Texas A&M, returned home with her husband to raise their son, Jacob (born May 2015). She spends her days reluctantly watching Mickey Mouse, reading, avoiding any exercise more physically taxing than a fast walk, cooking, and (when time allows), crafting and knitting.

When it comes to parenting, Jordan makes her decisions based on what works.

She researches without overthinking, and once she makes a choice, she doesn’t spend extra time second-guessing herself (who has the energy for that with a toddler running around?). She is budget-minded but will spend what she needs to get something that works well. She employs a variety of toys, books, videos (and the occasional reluctant pet) to keep her kid entertained throughout the day. Jordan is honest about the challenges of motherhood, from marathon teething to sleep issues to milk allergies, without being pessimistic.

She describes her decorating style as farmhouse chic, incorporating a lot of blues and greys (and some pet hair as well—“we specifically bought our new couch to match our cat”), and her spending style as “thrifty.”