Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for Mom this year? Our handy guide is here to help!

You would think once we become mothers ourselves, it would be easier to come up with Mother’s Day gift ideas for our own moms, but nope! It’s always hard to find a gift that says, “Thanks for birthing me and raising me and keeping me alive and putting up with all my crap and helping to make me a semi-responsible adult human” all wrapped in a pretty bow. In fact, now that I’m in charge of my own tiny person, it’s even harder to me to fully express my appreciation for all the sleepless nights, sacrifice, concern, and love that my mother has given me over the years.

That being said, a good gift goes a long way toward saying all of that, so read on for some ideas for your own special Mama. Oh, and happy Mother’s Day to all our lovely readers!  Continue reading “Mother’s Day Gift Guide”

I’m not a baby person… but I am a mother

Can you be a good mom if you don’t actually like babies?

You know those people who are “baby people?” They’re the ones who babysit from the time they’re young, who love holding babies, who can’t help but pick up a crying little one, who have always been able to change diapers without gagging. Yeah, I’m not one of those people. Never have been. My sister is one, so I know what they look like, but I’ve never fallen in that category.

I’m a pet person. Bring in a puppy and I’m down on the floor getting licked in the face. Let a kitten fall asleep on my lap, and I’ll stay there until the mountains fall down so that it doesn’t wake up and we can blissfully cuddle forever. You bring a baby into the room, and I’ll happily admire it from where I sit on the couch.

And yes, I’m also a mother.  Continue reading “I’m not a baby person… but I am a mother”

The Lazy Mama’s Do’s & Don’ts of Exclusive Pumping

Exclusive secrets to making exclusive pumping easier, cheaper, and all-around less sucky.

Before jumping in, a small disclaimer: I kinda fell ass-backward into exclusive pumping. I am not one of those wonderfully disciplined moms who tracks output and feeding volume and wet diapers in a tidy Excel spreadsheet (partially due to my complete and utter ineptitude at Excel).

I started pumping as a temporary solution to some breastfeeding issues, and just kind of… kept doing it. I think I was secretly hoping that I wouldn’t succeed so that I would have a “legitimate” excuse to quit, but my boobs had other plans. I also started pumping after 6 weeks of exclusive and *cough* enthusiastic breastfeeding, so my supply was already well established when I switched to the pump. There is a ton of great information about how to establish a milk supply, but that’s something I don’t have any experience with, so seek ye wisdom elsewhere on that.

This is the corner-cutting, time-saving, energy-efficient, ain’t-nobody-got-time-for-that guide to pumping, so proceed accordingly.  Continue reading “The Lazy Mama’s Do’s & Don’ts of Exclusive Pumping”

Breastfeeding + Dairy Allergy = No fun

Bloody diapers, dairy-free cooking, and the worthwhile sacrifices of motherhood.

“Don’t freak out. Don’t freak out. Don’t freak out….” That’s what I kept telling myself as I totally and completely freaked out. There was blood in my baby’s diaper. I thought I’d seen something suspicious in the last couple of diapers, but not sure enough to let myself panic. I’d call the doctor on Monday and see what she said. Well, that was blood, and I was now fully prepared to panic.

Do kids ever get sick during the week? Or even during the day during the week? Nope. It’s like they keep a copy of the pediatrician’s office hours stashed in their onesies. So, Sunday afternoon found us on the road to the ER, my husband driving, me in the backseat next to the car seat as if there was something I could do by just sitting next to my baby. My husband dropped us off while he parked so I could start the check-in process. I nervously rocking the baby carrier as I filled out the paperwork. He wasn’t crying. He was just sitting there looking all tiny and helpless.  Continue reading “Breastfeeding + Dairy Allergy = No fun”

The “Perfect” Birth

Hard-earned lessons on letting go of perfectionism and embracing the messy realities of becoming a mother.

Y’all, when it comes to birthing, I was perfect. I had a vaginal, un-medicated birth and my daughter was healthy and beautiful. Aren’t you impressed? Well, hang on just a sec and let me give you a little context for my “perfection.”

When Rue came out all slippery and purple, the midwives placed this strange squish on my chest and I remember feeling… relief… then… not much. Lots of women talk about feeling a rush of overwhelming love when their babies are born, but not me. I was mostly just glad it was all over, and then everything else was a disconnected blur. I remember speaking in a voice that didn’t sound like my own. I remember staring at the swirl pattern her ears made. And I remember the disappointment. Everything, including my beautiful baby, looked perfect, but it felt far from it.  Continue reading “The “Perfect” Birth”

Ultimate Baby Registry: Eating

All the items you need to feed that baby!

Babies come in all shapes and sizes, and they all gotta eat! Here are all the items you need to feed your babe, whether you’re using breast milk, formula, solids, or all three!  Continue reading “Ultimate Baby Registry: Eating”

Ultimate Baby Registry Guide

Want all the best kid-tested, mama-approved, non-useless stuff for your new baby? Consider this guide your new best friend!

Congratulations! You got the double lines on the test, you’ve made your announcement, and now you need to start preparing for the upcoming arrival!

After a few quick Google searches, a hard truth hits you: For being so tiny, babies need an enormous amount of crap. Where do you start?!

Baby registry lists are dime-a-dozen on Pinterest, but they only get you so far: they tell you what items you might need, sure, but what about the hardest part? You know you need a stroller, but WHICH stroller? That question alone might take hours of research to answer, and you have 40 more items like that on your list! (And if you’re like me, you’ll probably change your mind 14 times along the way and impulsively decide that you don’t need a stroller and you’ll just carry your baby on your head or something. Trust me, you need a stroller.)  Continue reading “Ultimate Baby Registry Guide”