Ultimate Baby Registry: Gear

Stymied on strollers? Confused about carriers? Bamboozled by bouncers? Check out our baby gear guide!

Strollers, carriers, and swings: oh my!

Bear with us, because there’s a lot of info packed into this section of the guide. These items tend to be some of the most expensive and frequently used, so we want to make sure you make the best decision for your needs. Grab a cup of tea, read on, and hopefully this will make picking the best baby gear a piece of cake! (Mmm, maybe grab some cake to go with that tea…)  Continue reading “Ultimate Baby Registry: Gear”

Ultimate Baby Registry: Clothing

Not sure what clothes to have on hand when Little One arrives? This guide can help! | Motherhood Collective

Naked babies are just about the most adorable things ever, but babies tend to get cold easily (and people seem to think they need clothes on in public), so you should probably have some things on hand to cover up their tiny hineys (and heads, and toes, etc.). I’ve also included blankets and burp cloths in this section, since they fall under the “cloth-type things that keep babies warm/clean/cozy/presentable” category as well.

Everyone has very different preferences on clothing types, styles, and price points, and obviously gender/climate/season make a difference too. This will be a more general-suggestion type of list, but it will hopefully give you a starting point for what to have on hand when baby first arrives. In a few weeks, you’ll notice which items you tend to pull out of the dresser over and over, and which pieces never get any play.  Continue reading “Ultimate Baby Registry: Clothing”

Ultimate Baby Registry: Eating

All the items you need to feed that baby!

Babies come in all shapes and sizes, and they all gotta eat! Here are all the items you need to feed your babe, whether you’re using breast milk, formula, solids, or all three!  Continue reading “Ultimate Baby Registry: Eating”

Ultimate Baby Registry Guide

Want all the best kid-tested, mama-approved, non-useless stuff for your new baby? Consider this guide your new best friend!

Congratulations! You got the double lines on the test, you’ve made your announcement, and now you need to start preparing for the upcoming arrival!

After a few quick Google searches, a hard truth hits you: For being so tiny, babies need an enormous amount of crap. Where do you start?!

Baby registry lists are dime-a-dozen on Pinterest, but they only get you so far: they tell you what items you might need, sure, but what about the hardest part? You know you need a stroller, but WHICH stroller? That question alone might take hours of research to answer, and you have 40 more items like that on your list! (And if you’re like me, you’ll probably change your mind 14 times along the way and impulsively decide that you don’t need a stroller and you’ll just carry your baby on your head or something. Trust me, you need a stroller.)  Continue reading “Ultimate Baby Registry Guide”

Ultimate Baby Registry: Sleeping

All the stuff you need to get your babe’s best sleep.

Ah, the holy grail of Babyhood. We can’t guarantee that any of these products will get your baby to sleep, but they certainly won’t make your life any harder!  Continue reading “Ultimate Baby Registry: Sleeping”

Ultimate Baby Registry: Cleaning Up

Everything you need to keep your babe fresh and clean.

Diapering: You’ll probably do this one activity more often than anything else in the early days (aside from feeding or staring at your baby, of course). It’s a dirty (and smelly!) job, but the right tools can make it a little easier.  Continue reading “Ultimate Baby Registry: Cleaning Up”