Ultimate Baby Registry: Sleeping

All the stuff you need to get your babe’s best sleep.

Ah, the holy grail of Babyhood. We can’t guarantee that any of these products will get your baby to sleep, but they certainly won’t make your life any harder!  Continue reading “Ultimate Baby Registry: Sleeping”

Ultimate Baby Registry: Cleaning Up

Everything you need to keep your babe fresh and clean.

Diapering: You’ll probably do this one activity more often than anything else in the early days (aside from feeding or staring at your baby, of course). It’s a dirty (and smelly!) job, but the right tools can make it a little easier.  Continue reading “Ultimate Baby Registry: Cleaning Up”

Breastfeeding, exclusive pumping, and beyond…

One Mama’s journey from breastfeeding to exclusive pumping to formula, plus all the feelings along the way!

“Whee ooh whee ooh whee ooh whee ooh…”

The sound of my Medela has been a constant companion for the past five months, so it was only fitting to write this post while pumping. I’m halfway through the weaning process, so I’ve dropped from 5 pumps to 3 pumps a day, which already feels like an enormous amount of freedom. However, I think the hardest part is still ahead of me, both physically and emotionally. I’m ready to have my body back, but I feel guilty about weaning when I still have a full supply of milk.

I know (I think?) that it’s the best thing for me, to be happy and free to enjoy my baby rather than resentful about the time spent at the pump. I know that I’ve picked a good formula for him, and that he’s thriving and full of joy and life and sturdy and strong as ever. I still feel guilty that I’m not giving him the “best” that I can give him, and I feel especially ashamed that so many women give so much to continue to provide breastmilk for their babies, while I’m throwing in the towel and working harder to quit that I would have needed to work to continue.  Continue reading “Breastfeeding, exclusive pumping, and beyond…”