About Us

Two heads are better than one.

When both of those heads are sleep deprived, flooded with hormones, wondering what that smell is, engaged in hostage negotiations with toddlers, and desperately trying to forget the theme song of Daniel Tiger? Better get a few more heads in there just to be safe.

This is the belief that inspired Motherhood Collective. If you’ve ever reached out to a friend, sister, your own mom, or even an online group for parenting support, you know the power of collective wisdom too. None of us may know exactly what we’re doing, but we believe we can do better together than on our own.

We hope you find some encouragement, solidarity, humor, and maybe a little wisdom here, hidden among all the poop talk of course – because there’s always poop talk with kids around. We are here because our heads are better together, no matter what we’re facing (or smelling). Welcome to Motherhood Collective.