Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for Mom this year? Our handy guide is here to help!

You would think once we become mothers ourselves, it would be easier to come up with Mother’s Day gift ideas for our own moms, but nope! It’s always hard to find a gift that says, “Thanks for birthing me and raising me and keeping me alive and putting up with all my crap and helping to make me a semi-responsible adult human” all wrapped in a pretty bow. In fact, now that I’m in charge of my own tiny person, it’s even harder to me to fully express my appreciation for all the sleepless nights, sacrifice, concern, and love that my mother has given me over the years.

That being said, a good gift goes a long way toward saying all of that, so read on for some ideas for your own special Mama. Oh, and happy Mother’s Day to all our lovely readers! 

(This is also a great gift guide for partners of new moms!)

For the active Mama:

  • Tickets to a baseball game or some other event of interest to Mom
  • Take a family bike ride around the city, with stops for a picnic and ice cream
  • Go for an afternoon stroll at the Botanical Gardens in your city (or some other beautiful spot)
  • Get out of town and go on a camping trip (but make sure Mom doesn’t have to plan everything)
  • Go sky-diving or bungee-jumping for a real Mother’s Day thrill!

For the foodie Mama:

  • Throw a Mother’s Day party, luncheon, or dinner in her honor
  • Enjoy a wine tasting at a local vineyard
  • Take a cooking class together
  • Give her a gift card to a fancy restaurant (great for if your mom lives far away and you can’t take her to dinner yourself)
  • Deliver some fancy treats such as chocolate-covered strawberries, delicate macarons, or Godiva truffles (always a hit for my mom)

For the tired Mama:

  • Treat her to an afternoon of pampering at a spa (pedicure, massage, facial, etc.) or at home (breakfast in bed, massage, “Queen for a Day” treatment)
  • Give her Barnes & Noble gift card and a free afternoon at the bookstore by herself
  • Tickets for her and a friend for a movie or show
  • For husbands/partners: If your wife is an introvert, she might appreciate a night away from the kids (either alone or with you) at a nice hotel.

For the sentimental Mama:

  • Book a family photo session, so that Mama gets time with her family AND an awesome keepsake
  • Personalize a necklace or bracelet with her children’s initials on it
  • Give her a framed photo of her babies/grandbabies, a photobook of some of your favorite memories with her, or even better, a digital photo frame that can be updated wirelessly with all the latest family photos
  • Plan a special delivery of a bouquet of flowers
  • Write a long letter telling her how much you love and appreciate her! (This is always a winner because it’s free, meaningful, and shows that you took the time to think of her. And really, that’s what all moms want at the end of the day!)

And for the Mama who seems to have everything already:

Sign her up for a gift box subscription for something she’d enjoy!

Now get out there and make your favorite Mama feel as special as she is this Mother’s Day!

PS: Thanks to all the ideas and suggestions from my fellow Mamas and friends 🙂

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