Ultimate Baby Registry Guide

Want all the best kid-tested, mama-approved, non-useless stuff for your new baby? Consider this guide your new best friend!

Congratulations! You got the double lines on the test, you’ve made your announcement, and now you need to start preparing for the upcoming arrival!

After a few quick Google searches, a hard truth hits you: For being so tiny, babies need an enormous amount of crap. Where do you start?!

Baby registry lists are dime-a-dozen on Pinterest, but they only get you so far: they tell you what items you might need, sure, but what about the hardest part? You know you need a stroller, but WHICH stroller? That question alone might take hours of research to answer, and you have 40 more items like that on your list! (And if you’re like me, you’ll probably change your mind 14 times along the way and impulsively decide that you don’t need a stroller and you’ll just carry your baby on your head or something. Trust me, you need a stroller.) 

Our Ultimate Guide is here to help! Not only do we list all the items you might need, we also give personal, real-life recommendations based on our own experience. These are items we’ve invested in, lived with, and used with our own babies. We know you’re busy, so the Guide is broken into sections for easy reference: Sleeping, Cleaning Up, Feeding, Clothes, Gear, Toys & Books, Healthcare, and Handy Extras.

Our panel of Mamas weigh in on every section of the Guide, and we only mention items that we really love. If I’m not passionate about a particular brand of wipes, I’m not going to waste your time by recommending one just to write about something. You can read up on our Mamas to get a better sense of each woman’s style and approach; this will help you tailor the recommendations to best suit your own needs.

So, without further ado, here’s the Ultimate Baby Registry Guide!


Part 1: Sleeping

Part 2: Cleaning Up

Part 3: Feeding

Part 4: Clothes

Part 5: Gear

Stay tuned for more Guides, coming soon!

Part 6: Toys & Books

Part 7: Healthcare

Part 8: Handy Extras (and which things you DON’T need)